About Us


MDS Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO – registration number 70215) and delivers accredited and non-accredited training. MDS Training offers qualifications in disability work, mental health, home and community care, frontline management and management.

Training is also offered through a professional development calendar released every six months. There are a variety of sessions offered, with each designed to meet and reflect current industry needs and trends.

MDS Training can also provide training needs analysis, customised training solutions for organisations, as well as a consultancy service to organisations regarding a range of human resource functions. We can provide skills gap analysis for staff, development of policies and procedures, performance management and conflict resolution. Talk to us and find out if we can meet your organisational needs.

MDS Training offers flexible and competitively priced training, and can work with you to establish your training needs or the needs of your staff.

Fee information for each qualification can be found on our courses page. Fees for customised training and consultancy are negotiated with each organisation.

For further information about our training services, contact us.