Customised Delivery


MDS Training can provide customised in house training to organisations within NSW. This can be an effective alternative to calendar workshops.

The benefits of customised in house training:

  • Involves a comprehensive conversation regarding your organisational and staff individual needs
  • Can be at your workplace (or other suitable venue)
  • Can have a maximum number of 18
  • You can invite other organisations or sites to attend
  • Uses your documents, policies and procedures to further emphasize the training and development outcomes
  • Can incorporate case studies, scenarios or challenges specific to your organisation
  • Can be arranged for a time and date which best suits your needs (as negotiated)
  • Able to have something you see off the calendar and customised
  • Able to have something designed specifically for your group

Some examples of the customised services we offer include:

  • Administering Change
  • Person Centred Approaches
  • Strategic Person Centred Approach
  • Client Self-Management
  • Effective Case Management
  • Manage the Delivery of Quality Services
  • Documentation in the Sector
  • Mentoring
  • Disability Awareness
  • Home and Community Care
  • Safe Home Visiting
  • Board Enhancement
  • Board Performance
  • Mental Health Response Training
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Supportive Environment for People with Disabilities
  • Risk Management and Assessments

Contact the Manager, MDS Training, for your specific training conversation.