Don't forget the carers

MDS Training has joined up with MDS Community Care to provide skills based training to their carers. The training will enable carers to look after themselves and their care recipient now and in the future, as well as use the knowledge and skills as a stepping stone to professional development. Some of the topics covered so far include Grief and Loss; Life After the Carer Role; Mental Health Awareness; and Wellness and Reablement Approaches. There are more topics on the list already, and we’ll continue to build on this into the future.

The workshops were very well received and have helped some people to point of being life changing. One of the carers—let’s call her Marg—cares for her son who lives with schizophrenia. As a mother, she felt like a failure because she didn’t understand her child. She felt isolated and confused, and admitted that she would tell him to ‘just ignore the voices’.

During Mental Health Awareness training our facilitator, Adam, showed Andrew Denton’s Angels and Demons documentary. It wasn’t until Marg heard a recording of auditory hallucinations when watching this documentary that she realised how intrusive and relentless the voices inside her sons head were. Marg said that if someone had explained this to her, or if she’d heard this audio track when her son was first diagnosed, she would have been far more empathetic to what he was going through and more prepared for what he would be going through on a day-to-day basis for the rest of his life.

For Adam, he witnessed that moment every trainer hopes for - the lightbulb moment when everything comes together and ‘clicks’ for your participant. She could finally understand.

The training program is a great success so far and the carers asked for it to be repeated annually. Some quotes from participants were “What I’m doing is right. ”To make a mistake is normal. ”The weight of the caring burden has been taken away. 

If you have an idea for a training program for your clients or workers, just call us and we’ll tailor a package to suit you. You never know, you could also change someone’s life.