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The Sector Support and Development projects within MDS commissioned Carrie Hayter Consulting to prepare a report to document service provider experiences of implementing the Aged Care Reforms and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). After conducting an online survey and holding five consultations with service providers throughout South West Sydney, Macarthur and Wingecarribee, the One Step Forward Two Back report was released in August 2017.

Jeff Scobie, MDS CEO, said he was a huge supporter of the principles that underpinned the NDIS but believed the implementation had missed the mark. “Some people have seen a reduction as a result of a review for no obvious reasons.”

The report said “Providers expressed deep concern about the participants experiences of NDIA planning processes with some participants not having their reasonable and necessary supports met under the NDIS”.

The Sector Support Development Projects and the Ageing and Disability Council Workers are committed to working with the sector towards addressing the recommendations of the report as a part of our Annual Work Plan objectives. To view the Executive Summary of the report, go to www.mdstraining.com.au/projects-and-events/