Can RPL help you?

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room. What is RPL? RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning and is a way for the skills of experienced workers to be recognised instead of completing subject/s unnecessarily.

RPL is a way for people to gain qualifications without repeating work which they’ve been doing for years. Surprisingly, not many people take up this option even though some people say things such as ‘I’ve worked in the sector for 20 years’.

Obviously the person would have to provide evidence, however we don’t always know about their experience so we don’t get the opportunity to discuss the types of evidence they can provide. RPL is not a short cut to a qualification however it is a valid way of reflecting on your knowledge and skills gained over the years.

RPL is available on any of the qualifications which MDS Training has on scope. We also have a RPL Self Assessment document with more information on it which can help you to decide if this pathway is suitable for you.