Mental Health in the Workplace

There’s no question that conversations about mental health are forcing their way into our every day experience. To me, this is both concerning and fantastic. It’s concerning that mental health issues are so prevalent in our society, but it’s fantastic that our awareness is growing about how we can prevent and recover from them. The fact is, our eyes are now wide open to what’s going on which is a far cry from the general ignorance and finger pointing of times past.

There are many causes of mental health issues, not least because of the workplace, and it works both ways. That is, the workplace affects our mental health, and our mental health affects the workplace. Job security is not what it once was. The shifting sands under our feet mean the workplace can be a major contributor to our feelings of unease.

We can’t ignore the fact that mental health issues can and have caused the collapse of otherwise successful businesses. Perhaps it sounds extreme. Perhaps it sounds unlikely. But the fact is that plenty of businesses have ended because of the crippling mental health issues of key position holders. General performance, capacity for making decisions, workforce guidance and support are all impacted. This is one of the reasons why MDS Training is focusing on Mental Health training sessions. We don’t want to end up as a statistic, nor do we want you to.

It’s time to actively address the issue by learning how we can support each other, and ourselves, to a healthy workplace. We can deliver training sessions about this very issue at your place or ours. Call us on (02) 4621 8400 to discuss how we can tackle this issue in your workplace.