Old Dogs, New Tricks

The answer to the age old question is yes, you can teach old dogs news tricks. Or perhaps we could say you can teach mature workers to use new technology. Whether it’s been a choice or it’s been forced upon you, the fact is that we are currently operating in quite an isolated way but are managing to keep our operations underway and connections in place and with the help of technology like Zoom, FaceTime, webinars, WhatsApp, and the list goes on.

We’ve been working towards webinars and online workshops in recent years but this year has seen us launch head first into this genre with our coat tails flying. Online learning—once avoided by many—is now the norm. Attending meetings remotely is standard. Zoom is now a noun and a verb, just like Google. Even though we’re still working out the quirks of this new technology, it’s completely functional, user friendly, and it works.

Understandably, some people might have concerns about how to manage large groups, but fear not! We’ve been successfully running meetings and forums for a while now and the main rule is that all participants except the speaker should be muted. The bigger the group, the harder it is to manage speakers so remember the rule; One At A Time. Oh, and watch out for the “umm’s”.

Don’t be scared to take on new technology. Embrace it and you will reap the rewards. Is it worth it? Absolutely.