Spring Clean your Workspace and your Mind

As the year comes to a close, I always think about how I can declutter and simplify. It’s time for a good old spring clean. But what will I do with my stuff? Can I store it somewhere? Can I pass it on? Or should I just chuck it out?

In my mind, storing something doesn’t benefit me in any way. If I need it, I’ll use it. If I don’t need it, why would I store it? It’s just shifting the job of clearing it out to another day. I understand that some things have sentimental value and what I’m referring to here is the day-to-day items.

I recently had a big clear out of our office storage space and it was so refreshing. I cleared out out-of-date  resources,  broken folders, and archiving which could now be destroyed. Our storage space has been rejuvenated and it now works for us. We can find stuff!

The same goes with your immediate work space, your desk or office. I keep a fairly uncluttered desk and keep papers to a minimum. After all, most things are now digitized and keeping printed copies risks using out-of-date resources.

I know how much this process helps me to keep my thoughts clear and my efficiency high and I wonder if everyone feels like this. Think about it. When was the last time you had a really good cleanout?

Plenty of studies show that having a clear workspace significantly increases your productivity and mental health. The pile of papers, stained coffee cup and empty chocolate wrappers serve no purpose but to cause stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. The time is now. If the job is too big, do it bit by bit, one drawer at a time. You’ll be glad you did.