The secrets to successful study

When it comes to studying, there are a few key factors to make your study time count. And as adult learners with busy lives, we all need to make our efforts count.

Firstly, work out what your motivation is: Why are you doing this study? What are your goals? What is your learning style? How will the course make a difference to you? Write down the answers and review them often, especially when the going gets tough and you need some inspiration.

Prepare your family and friends so they can support you. Studying is important to you to help you achieve your goals so prepare your study timetable and stick to it. Remove distractions and prepare your study area and materials to minimize the opportunity for procrastination. We’re all very capable of ‘just taking a few minutes to do that thing over there...’ and losing precious study time.

Get organised. Make sure your study area has everything you need, organise your notes so they’re clear and at hand, and prioritise your focus according to assessment weightings. There’s a saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff” and it can be easily applied here. Don’t invest all your efforts into the areas which will only give you a small return. Instead, figure out what the priority areas are and focus on those. But above all else, just get started. It’s the biggest step.