There's more to marketing than just a new website

Marketers are always talking about building your brand and getting ‘out there’ but what does this actually mean? How you do it? Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

Let’s start with the big one—your website. It should be an accurate reflection of who you are and what you do. People like to see the faces of your people. It’s reassuring to know who we’re dealing with.

Make sure you keep your website up to date, too. It’s sometimes seen as a “I’ll get to that one day” kind of thing but it shouldn't be. It’s often the entry point of a customer to your business. Also, did you know that those magical google algorithms recognise if a website is updated regularly and will give it priority over an identical website that hasn’t been touched? True story! Another thing, track where your audience comes from, what they click on, how long they stay, what interests them. You can use this information to measure your advertising and to build on it.

Then there’s social media. Some business are moving away from websites altogether in favour of social media platforms, but please make yourself familiar with how it works and how you can make it work for you. The content needs to be regular, varied, interesting, relevant. Choose the right platform to suit your business and choose the right voice to represent it. Insert humour, but keep it positive. And don’t be scared to invest in social media advertising. It may even be more cost effective than traditional means of advertising because you can gear it towards your target audience and can see exactly how many people it reaches.

I’ve recently seen a facebook page that has been clearly written by two people with very different styles. One is the professional, but friendly voice that tells us about upcoming deals and events. The other voice is quite negative which suggest the writer doesn’t like their job. As a potential customer, I don’t want to see that. Think carefully about the real impact of those TGI Friday memes. They might be funny amongst your friends, but possibly not the right image for your business.

Moving on quickly now. Be visible. How? Set your business up with a simple, but clearly identifiable logo and display it everywhere. Consider incorporating a Style Guide to help you set up and maintain a recognizable image. Help your staff understand the purpose of branding and make sure they’re on board. Ask them what they think; fresh ideas should always be encouraged.

For those in the ageing sector, make sure your details are current on websites like My Aged Care. It will help ensure referrals are appropriate and people become accustomed to your information being reliable. This creates that level of trust in your organization and it shows you as a reliable provider. Other sectors and industries will have their own websites, so make sure you keep on top of those too.

And finally, once you get a customer knocking on your door, deliver on your promises. The old marketing quote will always hold true—If a customer is happy they’ll tell three people, but if a customer is unhappy, they’ll tell 10 people. Although now in the social media age they will probably post it online for thousands to see. Communicate. Be realistic. Follow up on promises. Make their day!