Tips for Working from Home

As we find ourselves working from home en masse at the moment, it’s a timely reminder to make sure we address a few key things:

Make sure you have a designated work area. Set it up so you have all your most used items at hand, and so it feels like a work area. Don’t forget ergonomics!

Keep to a schedule so the hours don’t pass by unnoticed. I know how difficult this might be with children at home with you, so just do your best.

Take proper breaks to give your brain, your eyes, your whole body a break. Go outside, get fresh air, stretch, exercise your eyes and look into the distance.

Get dressed. Working in your pyjamas might be comfy, but it doesn’t do anything to get your mind in the zone.

Times are weird, and hard, but we’re doing this together, but apart. You know what I mean? You can do it!